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I’m really homesick today. The last month and a half I’ve been fine, but I think having free time makes it harder.

Miss you guys..


Aarowleaf Balsamroot

Spending almost two weeks working in the wilderness is awesome and frustrating and challenging.  I will summarize what I am feeling strongly about..

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We are almost a week into our first serious field stint. It’s been beautiful out here and really fun but very hard work.

Days begin before the sun is up, gear has to be packed and loaded onto the 4-wheeler, and then we start covering miles and miles of trails and roads looking for animal sign. We go until 6 or 7 pm and hope to make it back to our cabin before dark. Then dinner gets cooked on camp stoves and dishes washed in the creek. Then we pack gear for the next day and read by candlelight until we fall asleep. Read the rest of this entry »



Emigrant Peak

Hey guys, I’ve been really busy. Lots of working, hiking, packing, and hanging out in Bozeman. No time for a substantive post right now, so I’ll leave a photo.

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Emigrant Peak before sunrise

Life here is so good.  My work is fun, I am getting to explore beautiful country, and I am starting to settle into the community.

Late Nights
There is more tango than I originally expected here and I’ve found a handful of dancers who are both high level and extremely nice to work with.  I’ve been dancing two to three nights per week, and last week there was a big milonga in Bozeman that brought in dancers from Missoula, Billings and Helena.  So many late nights!  It’s a half hour drive home after the dances, but just like any self-respecting tango dancer I will always choose sleep-deprivation in favor of dancing when possible.  I have been asked to help teach a six week beginning tango class series in town.  It really is a huge complement to be welcomed into the community this way.

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Over the three day weekend I went back into the park to check out Lamar Valley – one of the best places to view wildlife in the park!  In one day I saw two grizzly bears, tons of elk, white-tailed deer, a coyote, lots of bison, pronghorn, a whole herd of bighorn sheep, and some small ground critters which I have yet to identify.  Read on for more photos!

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