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Today was a great day. We all woke up feeling well rested, had a delicious Turkish breakfast and hung out drinking tea at the pansiyon for a long time. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Turkish breakfasts? I would be glad to never eat a bowl of granola again.

Goal for today: do nothing.
Status: failed, but glad that we got to see the Olympos ruins!

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We woke up later this morning, I finally managed to sleep enough to feel more human. Unfortunately, both Ian and I were feeling a little under the weather today.

Goals for today: Still no bodily injuries, open a nice bottle of wine. (Turkish wine is generally not great; we came prepared with some of our own:)

Status: Achieved.

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In spite of going to bed late (1:30am local time), my body decided that there was no more sleep allowed after 6am. So I got up and wrapped up some work I had meant to complete before the trip. We left the apartment around 9:30am to find some breakfast on Istikal street. Deciding on Simit Sarayi, a Turkish simit chain that I enjoyed before, we grabbed a few pastries, an egg dish and tea, then got a nice seat to hang out for a while.

Despite that we are on vacation, as a group we decided to set some ground rules and goals for each day. Yesterday’s goal was to eat at least two cones of ice cream. Mission accomplished. Today’s goals: no handcuffs. no grievous bodily injuries, don’t lose anyone, and no cannibalism. Yes, there is an explanation coming on that last one. 😉 So all in all, we achieved our lofty goals for day two.

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Merhaba from Istanbul! We are severely jet-lagged and were mostly awake at 4am today. Our flight was uneventful, and landed about 4:30pm local time. After surviving a super long customs line at the airport we made it to our Airbnb–no thanks to our taxi driver, who cited road construction as a reason not to take us into the neighborhood we were staying in. This meant we ended up having to hike half a mile uphill on cobblestone roads with our bags in the summer heat. Things got better after we drank water and rested for a while.

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Kayaköy, Turkey // 2016

I am incredibly thrilled to be headed back to Turkey today, for my third visit to the country. Each trip I learn so much more about the place and I miss it more each time I leave.

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