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Here are some recent snapshots of my life:

Breakfast in the yard

Our new house is wonderful.  We have a yard, sunshine, and wood floors.  Breakfast and dinner is often eaten out in the backyard.

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Montana has some fantastic lightning storms on a very frequent basis.  Our new house happens to have very easy access to a trail system that goes up a big hill, and for the first time ever I was able to catch lightning on camera.  Onur laughed at me being so gleeful.

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DIY: Branch necklace holder // Do All Things With Love

You will need: stick, hammer and nails.

So, we just moved into a new place and therefore I am working on new ways of organizing. Expect some DIYs for a while!

This weekend’s project: a necklace holder wich happens to be dirt cheap! (Source:

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Here is the rundown on new this week:

New car: check!

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My life has changed completely in the last few months.  And I couldn’t be happier.

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