Today was a great day. We all woke up feeling well rested, had a delicious Turkish breakfast and hung out drinking tea at the pansiyon for a long time. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Turkish breakfasts? I would be glad to never eat a bowl of granola again.

Goal for today: do nothing.
Status: failed, but glad that we got to see the Olympos ruins!


The pansiyon animals all come out at breakfast time and beg scraps from the tables. The chickens are the biggest beggars, and as chicken parents ourselves, Onur and I obliged to share our karpuz (watermelon) and peynir (cheese) with them.


Onur and Berkay went off to find a berber (barber) because Onur needed a shave. So Jacqui, Ian and I went to the beach for a swim and some snorkeling. The swim felt so good, and helped work off some of the many calories consumed at breakfast.



Once done swimming we explored the Olympos ruins. They are totally amazing, and happen to be walking distance from our hotel.


It was interesting, since my last visit in 2016 they have closed sections of the ruins for archeological digs and restoration work. It was surprising to see, but great to know these incredible places are being preserved.

We got hungry and stopped for some lunch at a small restaurant just on the other side of the park. Ian and I ordered lahmacun and Jacqui had pide. It is very warm today, about 84 degrees with 65% humidity so we were glad to lounge in the shade for an hour while eating lunch.


Did I mention? There was a kitten at this restaurant too. Characteristically, we befriended it.

We explored more ruins, stopped for some dondourma (ice cream) and headed back for an afternoon nap.



For dinner we walked to the main road and found an extremely busy restaurant, which boded well for good food. It was so busy that there were no tables, and the servers were literally running to deliver orders! Jacqui suggested that we put our name down for a table and I had to laugh at her, because that is most certainly not the Turkish way. So instead we just hovered over tables and gave pointed looks to anyone who looked close to finishing their meals. The passive aggressive table acquisition was completely worth it–the food was amazing.

We also made a dog friend at dinner, who was incredibly cute. He ate chicken pieces from our hands very gently, and then lay down at the foot of our table. It was very hard to resist!

After dinner Jacqui, Ian and I did some shopping at the little craft stalls, and they had cones of ice cream. I have yet to find an ice cream vendor that has all-goat milk ice cream here.