We woke up later this morning, I finally managed to sleep enough to feel more human. Unfortunately, both Ian and I were feeling a little under the weather today.

Goals for today: Still no bodily injuries, open a nice bottle of wine. (Turkish wine is generally not great; we came prepared with some of our own:)

Status: Achieved.


We needed to get our Airbnb packed up and head to the airport around 10am, so by 8am we were up and about, then walked down the street to eat a quick breakfast. We were all pretty ready to get out of Istanbul by this point, it’s a very loud and busy city both day and night.


Once we got to the airport we realized that there was an airport lounge available to us, as Jacqui and I are Priority Pass holders–one of the many perks associated with our corporate cards. It made our wait at the airport delightful, especially as Ian and I weren’t doing too great. Here we were able to get hot tea and some soup, and everyone else had a full lunch buffet and the choice of sodas and alcohol as well. We all agreed that the Priority Pass program was a major perk, and if you have the opportunity you should apply for it.


We landed in Antalya around 2:30pm, picked up the rental car and drove directly to Cirali. We tossed our bags in the cabins and then made a beeline to the beach for a swim. The water was perfect, and we swam until the sun sank below the mountains.


The remainder of our evening was spent lounging in the tea platforms drinking wine, making new feline friends, eating dinner and drinking tea.




The pansiyon we always stay in is delightful–it is like being in a jungle, and they have free-ranging chickens, cats and dogs that come to beg for food. Tonight I even spotted a wild kirpi (hedgehog). My goal for tomorrow is to get a photo of one.