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We woke up in paradise, as per usual. Ate a slow breakfast at the pansiyon, then moved over to the tea lounges for more tea drinking. Turns out that these are called kamelyas and I think Jacqui has convinced us that we need to build one of these in our backyard at home. They are seriously the best spot to hang out, nap, or do computer work in.

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Finally we got our much-awaited boat tour! It was a small 14-person boat run by a very nice family of four, two of which were young boys who helped captain the boat skillfully! It was such a nice way to spend the day, we had a very enjoyable time.

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Today was a great day. We all woke up feeling well rested, had a delicious Turkish breakfast and hung out drinking tea at the pansiyon for a long time. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Turkish breakfasts? I would be glad to never eat a bowl of granola again.

Goal for today: do nothing.
Status: failed, but glad that we got to see the Olympos ruins!

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We woke up later this morning, I finally managed to sleep enough to feel more human. Unfortunately, both Ian and I were feeling a little under the weather today.

Goals for today: Still no bodily injuries, open a nice bottle of wine. (Turkish wine is generally not great; we came prepared with some of our own:)

Status: Achieved.

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Kayaköy, Turkey // 2016

I am incredibly thrilled to be headed back to Turkey today, for my third visit to the country. Each trip I learn so much more about the place and I miss it more each time I leave.

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