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We woke up in paradise, as per usual. Ate a slow breakfast at the pansiyon, then moved over to the tea lounges for more tea drinking. Turns out that these are called kamelyas and I think Jacqui has convinced us that we need to build one of these in our backyard at home. They are seriously the best spot to hang out, nap, or do computer work in.

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Finally we got our much-awaited boat tour! It was a small 14-person boat run by a very nice family of four, two of which were young boys who helped captain the boat skillfully! It was such a nice way to spend the day, we had a very enjoyable time.

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Berkay decided to sleep on the beach last night to better watch the sunrise, and also to see some of the endangered Caretta Caretta kaplumbağa (Loggerhead sea turtles) hatch! He said that he did see about three eggs hatch and turtles make it to the sea. The rest of us are tempted to sleep out to see this too!

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