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We had such a great summertime weekend!

Spent the weekend in Palo Alto with our favorite pups, I know it seems like we do this every weekend, but it’s such a blast! On Friday I had a day-long meeting, which was fun but it was a long day. Saturday afternoon we headed down to Palo Alto to see our favorite pups.

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We had a really nice Memorial weekend! I work remotely on Friday (major perk) so I headed to Stanford to catch up with some friends and work remotely. It was another weekend with our favorite pups, but I didn’t get any photos (check my next post for those).

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Darkness creeps in like a thief
And offers no relief
Why are you shaking like a leaf?
Come on, come talk to me

So write “I love you” while I sleep.
Go ahead and lie to me.
Both of us are fine.