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We had an excellent day of adventure. Starting with a beautiful breakfast at the house, we headed to the Tlos ruins near Fethiye then cooled off in the cold waters of a deep canyon. 

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 We slept in a little later today because we were so tired from the hiking yesterday I think. We went for a morning swim and then ate a nice breakfast before our plans for the day got derailed…

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So, remember how I mentioned yesterday that this village we are staying in is pretty rural? Well, we woke up this morning without water or electricity. Typically the water is solar heated (meaning cold showers before 12pm). This is our second time without power since we arrived but the lack of water was far more concerning.

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Our flight was smooth an we landed in Istanbul about 5:30pm local time. The first thing I noticed upon exiting customs was bullet holes in pillars and signs in the airport lobby, left over from the June terrorist attack here in June 2016.

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We had such a great summertime weekend!

Spent the weekend in Palo Alto with our favorite pups, I know it seems like we do this every weekend, but it’s such a blast! On Friday I had a day-long meeting, which was fun but it was a long day. Saturday afternoon we headed down to Palo Alto to see our favorite pups.

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We had a really nice Memorial weekend! I work remotely on Friday (major perk) so I headed to Stanford to catch up with some friends and work remotely. It was another weekend with our favorite pups, but I didn’t get any photos (check my next post for those).

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Darkness creeps in like a thief
And offers no relief
Why are you shaking like a leaf?
Come on, come talk to me

So write “I love you” while I sleep.
Go ahead and lie to me.
Both of us are fine.