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This weekend we did very typical at-home weekend stuff. It was great to catch up a little bit before I travel next week.

Typically I work from home on Fridays, but this week I went into the office because I wanted to get all of my invoices/paperwork processed as I will be out of the office for two weeks.

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I really love the outdoors, especially the wilderness. One of the things I find the most challenging about living in the Bay Area is being in a big city and near other people all of the time. I was feeling like I needed a little break from the city and started researching backpacking trips near San Francisco. Well, it turns out that there is a nearby open space with a backpack-in camp that had an available permit.

I jumped on it, and did a quick one-night solo backpack trip.

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I had a hard time handling the world this week. This latest mass terrorist attack in Istanbul has me heartbroken and frightened. I need time to process.

Thankfully we had a quiet weekend dogsitting planned so I had time to breathe and be away from news feeds.

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DSC_9729This weekend was a blast! It was another productive weekend at home, which was great because we’ll be dogsitting again next weekend for the 4th so it was nice to get the house in shape for the next few weeks.

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This week was busy at work, but it was the first weekend in a while that we were at home so it was great to get caught up with friends, neighbors and on household tasks.

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Orange // Do All Things With Love

Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

– Mary Oliver

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Airport at Night // Do All Things With Love

Date: 4 September 14
Local Time: 9:45pm
Location: SFO
Hours of sleep in last 24: 4.5

I will let you in on a secret of mine: I love airports.

There is just something about them – maybe it’s the air of possibility or maybe it is the buzz of activity as airlines operate. I worked in an airport and I loved it.

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Dear readers,

I suppose from time to time it is normal for priorities to shift and evolve, and thus I have fallen out of blogging. Not mindfully, but due to other priorities taking a front-seat in my life. It has been a joyful year since we last checked in! Things are going well, including some wonderful career growth, fun activities, and lots of fun with our friends.

We will be doing to some travel blogging this week, as we vacation abroad for the first time in many years! Stay tuned for our musings on kültür (culture) and serüven (adventuring) abroad.

Below are some snapshots from the past months …

New Years fireworks over San Francisco Bay

New Years fireworks over San Francisco Bay

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Down by the Bay // Do All Things With Love

As part of our push to be healthier this month, Onur and I are trying to be more active. So when we have a sunny weekend day off we try to get out together. Last weekend we rode bikes to the farmers market and then took a picnic and rode down to the park on San Francisco Bay. It was so beautiful!

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