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Old Union // Do All Things With Love

Old Union // Do All Things With Love

Almost exactly a year ago I decided to relocate to Montana. It was scary, lonely and a totally awesome adventure. It is the best thing that I have ever done. I am extremely happy to share the news today that I have accepted a job offer at a great University in California. And just like last year, I get to start over. However, the difference now is that I get to start a new life with Onur at my side.  I couldn’t be happier to be moving back to the sunshine state.


Spring on the M Trail // Do All Things With Love

In Montana, spring is merely the second phase of winter. The spring equinox was back in March, however it is now mid-April and nighttime temperatures still drop below freezing every night. It snowed earlier this week and we expect more this weekend. Sometimes it warms up during the afternoons, and today it got above 50 degrees! I decided it was time to go for a hike up the M Trail.

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Poppies // Do All Things With Love

Is it spring already? I feel as though I slept all winter. No matter. The birds are out, the bears are waking and the snow is (finally) beginning to melt.