We woke up in paradise, as per usual. Ate a slow breakfast at the pansiyon, then moved over to the tea lounges for more tea drinking. Turns out that these are called kamelyas and I think Jacqui has convinced us that we need to build one of these in our backyard at home. They are seriously the best spot to hang out, nap, or do computer work in.

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Finally we got our much-awaited boat tour! It was a small 14-person boat run by a very nice family of four, two of which were young boys who helped captain the boat skillfully! It was such a nice way to spend the day, we had a very enjoyable time.

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Berkay decided to sleep on the beach last night to better watch the sunrise, and also to see some of the endangered Caretta Caretta kaplumbağa (Loggerhead sea turtles) hatch! He said that he did see about three eggs hatch and turtles make it to the sea. The rest of us are tempted to sleep out to see this too!

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Today was a great day. We all woke up feeling well rested, had a delicious Turkish breakfast and hung out drinking tea at the pansiyon for a long time. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Turkish breakfasts? I would be glad to never eat a bowl of granola again.

Goal for today: do nothing.
Status: failed, but glad that we got to see the Olympos ruins!

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We woke up later this morning, I finally managed to sleep enough to feel more human. Unfortunately, both Ian and I were feeling a little under the weather today.

Goals for today: Still no bodily injuries, open a nice bottle of wine. (Turkish wine is generally not great; we came prepared with some of our own:)

Status: Achieved.

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In spite of going to bed late (1:30am local time), my body decided that there was no more sleep allowed after 6am. So I got up and wrapped up some work I had meant to complete before the trip. We left the apartment around 9:30am to find some breakfast on Istikal street. Deciding on Simit Sarayi, a Turkish simit chain that I enjoyed before, we grabbed a few pastries, an egg dish and tea, then got a nice seat to hang out for a while.

Despite that we are on vacation, as a group we decided to set some ground rules and goals for each day. Yesterday’s goal was to eat at least two cones of ice cream. Mission accomplished. Today’s goals: no handcuffs. no grievous bodily injuries, don’t lose anyone, and no cannibalism. Yes, there is an explanation coming on that last one. 😉 So all in all, we achieved our lofty goals for day two.

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Merhaba from Istanbul! We are severely jet-lagged and were mostly awake at 4am today. Our flight was uneventful, and landed about 4:30pm local time. After surviving a super long customs line at the airport we made it to our Airbnb–no thanks to our taxi driver, who cited road construction as a reason not to take us into the neighborhood we were staying in. This meant we ended up having to hike half a mile uphill on cobblestone roads with our bags in the summer heat. Things got better after we drank water and rested for a while.

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Kayaköy, Turkey // 2016

I am incredibly thrilled to be headed back to Turkey today, for my third visit to the country. Each trip I learn so much more about the place and I miss it more each time I leave.

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MemChu Reflection // Do All Things With Love

You know how authors and academics have a dedication and/or acknowledgment page in their thesis or dissertation? Well, there are some examples of really funny ones, Slate has a good round up of those here which include dedications to Jim Beam “for assistance with writing” and “Snowpocalypse 2010 for making the long-awaited completion of this paper possible”.

As I round the corner on the completion of my seven year master’s degree (I wish you could hear the pain I feel saying that) I have started to think about what helped me during this process, and if/how to acknowledge it.

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This had to happen at some point, the hammer had to come down. I had to bite the bullet and put everything on hold for a couple of weeks to finish my grad school work. Credits are expiring, (as is my memory) and it was just time.

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