Aarowleaf Balsamroot

Spending almost two weeks working in the wilderness is awesome and frustrating and challenging.  I will summarize what I am feeling strongly about..

Top four things that are awesome:

1. Stars. I will never tire of being able to see the whole milky way.

2. The mountains.

3. Everything tastes good. Instant coffee? Nothing has tasted better. Half-hydrated lentil soup? Delicious.

4. Pooping in the woods. If you haven’t done it, don’t judge.

Top four things that suck the most:

1. Dirt and grit in your teeth. No matter how careful you are not to eat dirt, it still gets in there.

2. Allergies. Son of a bitch.

3. Never really getting clean. That film of dirt, sunscreen and sweat gets old.

4. Bug bites.