Emigrant Peak before sunrise

Life here is so good.  My work is fun, I am getting to explore beautiful country, and I am starting to settle into the community.

Late Nights
There is more tango than I originally expected here and I’ve found a handful of dancers who are both high level and extremely nice to work with.  I’ve been dancing two to three nights per week, and last week there was a big milonga in Bozeman that brought in dancers from Missoula, Billings and Helena.  So many late nights!  It’s a half hour drive home after the dances, but just like any self-respecting tango dancer I will always choose sleep-deprivation in favor of dancing when possible.  I have been asked to help teach a six week beginning tango class series in town.  It really is a huge complement to be welcomed into the community this way.

Sunrise on Bald Mt. (2008)

Early Mornings
My wildlife work requires spending most days in the field, which I enjoy a lot.  Well, this week we had to start work at 5:00 am to do a hike and observation.  Some species are much easier to find and observe in early hours of the day.  Plus, is there any better way to spend a morning than sitting on a hill as the sun rises with a pair of binoculars?  I can’t really think of anything more enjoyable.

Lightening, Hail, Rain and Sunshine all at once?

Oh yeah, the weather has been kind of crazy here.  Temperatures are usually pretty warm, all days have sunshine but we have been getting afternoon thunder and lightning storms almost daily.  I will never get over how cool it is to sit outside and watch sheet lightening strike all around.

Okay, now I’m out of things to say. Here are some photos from this week: