Over the three day weekend I went back into the park to check out Lamar Valley – one of the best places to view wildlife in the park!  In one day I saw two grizzly bears, tons of elk, white-tailed deer, a coyote, lots of bison, pronghorn, a whole herd of bighorn sheep, and some small ground critters which I have yet to identify.  Read on for more photos!

Bighorn Sheep


Lamar Valley in the rain

Soda Butte

In addition to visiting the whole north end of the park, I drove out to Crandall, the little community I lived in during the summer of 2008!  It was so neat going back.  Everything felt very familiar.  Unlike a city or urban area, a place out in the mountains doesn’t change much in four years.  No new developments.  All the peaks and creeks and forests are still there.

Pilot and Index Peaks – 2008

Pilot Peak – 2012

Crandall baracks are in the center of the photo, at the base of Cathedral Cliffs.