Gaziantep, Turkey

Gaziantep, Turkey

So I made it! The trip was smooth, although once I traveled through the Istanbul airport I knew immediately that the language barrier would be a challenge. I made it, thankfully most directional signs are printed in both Turkish and English. But any announcements that were in English was completely incomprehensible.

  • The first destination was Gaziantep, for a day and a half. In the 30 hours I accomplished the following:
  • Discovered that my understanding of Turkish is enough to guess what is being talked about
  • Discovered that try as I might, my accent will always be hilarious to my dining companions (“go on, say ‘hello’ again!”)
  • Turkish food is the most delicious thing ever, anywhere. I knew this already, but really it is off the charts.
  • Tried a dish that is essentially raw lamb, mixed with bulgar. They jokingly called it ‘Turkish sushi’ and it actually wasn’t bad.
  • Drank turkish kahve (coffee), and oh so much çay (tea).
  • Smoked a nargile (hookah).
  • Explored a bazaar.
  • Visited a museum of famous mosaics that were discovered close to this city.
  • Visited the town’s zoo, which is apparently the second-largest zoo in all of Europe!
  • So far have avoided jet lag. I know it’s coming, but so far the kahve and çay are keeping it at bay.
Türkçe balkon / Turkish balcony

Türkçe balkon / Turkish balcony

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