We woke up in paradise, as per usual. Ate a slow breakfast at the pansiyon, then moved over to the tea lounges for more tea drinking. Turns out that these are called kamelyas and I think Jacqui has convinced us that we need to build one of these in our backyard at home. They are seriously the best spot to hang out, nap, or do computer work in.


It has been very warm (and humid!) this whole trip but today just feels a lot hotter. Local temperature is currently 32 C (89.6 F) but the ‘feels like’ temperature is 39 C (102.2 F). So I’m hanging out on the couch in our air conditioned cabin.


Jacqui and Ian were far less lazy, and decided to rent kayaks and explore the coastline from Çıralı beach. The following was written by Jacqui, as I was firmly planted on the couch:


There were two women who sat on the beach under an umbrella with kayaks for rent, and after a deal was struck, we paddled off to explore.


The scenery was spectacular, with mountain views and crystal clear turquoise water. There were rocks formations to kayak between and caves to explore. One cave in particular–with stalactites overhead–was amazing!



On the way back to shore we tied the kayaks to a rock and went out for a snorkel.fullsizeoutput_1808

After making it back to shore, we happened stopped for what was possibly the best lemonade in the world. (Being VERY thirsty might have had something to do with that;))


Okay, this is Jenny again. Jacqui happened to find a restaurant on the beach that served mantı a Turkish dish that is described to tourists as ‘Turkish ravioli’ but is far superior to any ravioli you will ever eat. It’s tiny meat-stuffed pasta parcels, served in a yogurt and red pepper paste sauce with spices.

Well, it ended up being a busy day for Onur, Berkay and I as well–Onur ended up making a trip in to Kemer to visit the hospital. He managed to get a fish bone stuck in the back of his throat yesterday and it was really bothering him. I think the funniest thing about the whole situation was that Ian had packed a very useful little flashlight which we ended up using multiple times on our evening walks, but I sent Onur to the hospital with that in his pocket just in case they needed it. I guess the doctors couldn’t see the fishbone with their own equipment and ended up needing to use Ian’s flashlight. When they were done they asked if they could keep the light! Haha, I’m so glad Ian packed it.


After Onur and Berkay returned from their hospital adventure Onur and I went out and did some shopping for textiles and jewelry, and more goat ice cream of course.

Everyone napped in the afternoon, and we finally got up for a late dinner. For dinner we wanted to go back to the place with mantı but unfortunately they had just closed the kitchen, so we found another beach-side restaurant to enjoy dinner on our last evening in Çıralı.fullsizeoutput_1813

Finally trying to catch up on our blogging!