Finally we got our much-awaited boat tour! It was a small 14-person boat run by a very nice family of four, two of which were young boys who helped captain the boat skillfully! It was such a nice way to spend the day, we had a very enjoyable time.


Our first stop was the ‘water island’ which was a very busy spot for tour boats. The beach is made of white marble stones and pebbles. We got out for a bit and did some great snorkeling, Ian and I experienced an amazing school of small fish around us.



After snorkeling we got back onboard and ate a delicious lunch of fresh fish, salad and dolmas. fullsizeoutput_17b5fullsizeoutput_16e4fullsizeoutput_16e7fullsizeoutput_170e

After eating we motored around the rest of the island, which was pretty neat, before heading over to another beach for more snorkeling.fullsizeoutput_16fbfullsizeoutput_16f7fullsizeoutput_16fafullsizeoutput_1701fullsizeoutput_1702

After snorkeling at American Cove, we had afternoon tea and cookies to get us ready for another swim. fullsizeoutput_1708

After our final swim, we climbed back onboard and headed back to Adrasan, our departure point. Onur had a call scheduled so he, Ian and Berkay headed back to Çıralı while Jacqui and I met up with her friends Jon, Sue, and their dog Charlie for a drink.


The bar was very nice and had shockingly good margaritas! Charlie knew all of the staff and most of the patrons at the bar, and we enjoyed getting introduced to all of the acquaintances of Jon and Sue’s as they passed by the bar. fullsizeoutput_1712fullsizeoutput_1717

Berkay came back to Adrasan to hang out with us and give us a ride back. Jon and Sue had dinner plans, so Jacqui and I hung out for a little while longer on the beach, then we all headed across town to find a dinner restaurant.


We found a really cool place on a creek, with decks built right on the water. It was a great spot and the food was awesome!



We had both a very playful kitten, AND a very friendly two-year-old named Erdem, join us for dinner. His family was sitting nearby and he decided we were more fun to sit and talk with than they were. Berkay was very accommodating and chatted on and on with him.



After dinner we drove back to Çıralı and went right to sleep!