Berkay decided to sleep on the beach last night to better watch the sunrise, and also to see some of the endangered Caretta Caretta kaplumbağa (Loggerhead sea turtles) hatch! He said that he did see about three eggs hatch and turtles make it to the sea. The rest of us are tempted to sleep out to see this too!


Ian, Onur and I woke up around 7am and went for a morning swim in the ocean. I could absolutely get used to this.

We ate breakfast and hung out at the pansiyon for the morning, enjoying the company of resident cats and chickens.


All of us had a boat tour high on our to-do list while in Çıralı, so Berkay and Onur spent a few days scoping out our boat options and negotiating prices. We finally settled on a day-long private boat rental tomorrow based out of Adrasan, the next large town south of us.


Onur was frustrated after talking to one of the tour agencies because they had quoted us a much lower price the day before, but doubled it the following day. I asked if we could walk a little further to check out a promising ice cream shop that might have goat milk ice cream, and I am so glad we did.


Not only did we find a shop selling organic homemade goat milk ice cream, but the shop owner was the sweetest woman and her shop was selling only items from a local permaculture collective! We spent a while browsing and ended up walking away with about 18 different oils, syrups and dried herbs and Onur walked away in a very happy mood, because the shop owner was such a nice person.


Mid-morning we met up with some of Jacqui’s friends, Jon and Sue, who she had met on a boat trip in the Philippines in 2015. They are Brits who have been living in Adrasan (the next town over), Turkey for 18 years running a small guest house and leading walking tours, among many other things.


They are the most delightful couple ever, and have some of the most amazing stories from traveling the world and living/working in Turkey for so long. Jon is absolutely fluent in Turkish and caught us by surprise after Onur had ordered lunch for the group. I asked how he became so good at Turkish and Sue said that he spent most of his time early on in tea shops, just conversing with the locals. They have a couple of grown children, one of which lives nearby in Fethiye with her husband and daughter.

After we had lunch with Jon & Sue, we shared some white wine from our winery in Napa and sat on the beach. After they left for a dinner with friends we went for a swim in the ocean and laid out on the beach for a couple of hours relaxing.

We had grand plans to hike to the Chimeras before dinner but unfortunately I fell asleep and was grouchy about being woken up for dinner. When I did finally wake up, and somehow didn’t murder Onur for waking me, we had a nice dinner of grilled fish at our pansiyon.

While we were eating dinner we heard some rustling in the bushes and were joined by two wild kirpi (hedgehogs) and I finally managed to take a photo and also to pet one. They are spiky, maybe a cousin to the porcupine, but not quite as mean.