MemChu Reflection // Do All Things With Love

You know how authors and academics have a dedication and/or acknowledgment page in their thesis or dissertation? Well, there are some examples of really funny ones, Slate has a good round up of those here which include dedications to Jim Beam “for assistance with writing” and “Snowpocalypse 2010 for making the long-awaited completion of this paper possible”.

As I round the corner on the completion of my seven year master’s degree (I wish you could hear the pain I feel saying that) I have started to think about what helped me during this process, and if/how to acknowledge it.

If I am honest, my acknowledgement section would list my thanks for the following:

  • My dear husband Onur, for standing by me with unwavering support and encouragement over these past five years.
  • The expertise of mental health professionals, for providing essential support (and preventing harm) during grad school.
  • My thesis advisor for patiently mothering me through this (nagging, guilt tripping, and encouraging me when needed). I know I have challenged her immensely, and appreciate her sticking with me regardless.
  • Mendeley, for ably managing my references and articles over the course of seven years (and across four different computers).
  • Google Play’s Ambient Music for Studying station.
  • Aaron Sorkin, for The West Wing. Ok, what’s next?
  • The Montana wilderness, for letting me escape from my master’s for a year, recover from some of the anxiety, and find myself.
  • To strong coffee, for fueling me through the many late night and early morning writing sessions (and recent all-nighters). I’ve even resorted to exceedingly large Starbucks coffee. Whatever it takes to get this thing done.
  • When all else fails, to the humor of PhD Comics, @AcademiaObscura, @Dog_Rates, @EverythingGoats for getting me through this thing.


What or who would you dedicate your book/thesis/dissertation to?