This had to happen at some point, the hammer had to come down. I had to bite the bullet and put everything on hold for a couple of weeks to finish my grad school work. Credits are expiring, (as is my memory) and it was just time.

So this week sleep has been sacrificed in the name of Getting Sh*t Done. Not the best way to do any writing, in fact this is specifically the wrong way to write. But with things down to the wire and me not having other urgent things happening in my life, it is time to roll out the all-nighter, six-hour writing sessions. I’ve been off of Facebook this year (if you aren’t yet, you should consider it), but finally I had to delete my Twitter and Instagram apps too. As of writing this I’ve slept for only nine out of the last 48 hours and have spent 21 hours working on my thesis in the same period of time.

By the way, if you ever need good academic writing guidance and ideas for what to do (i.e. not what I’m doing) then you should check out Paul Silvia’s How to Write a Lot. Our continual moves have necessitated downsizing our belongings so much that I have gotten rid of all but about five books, and this book made the cut. In a desert island situation, I would choose an endless supply of IPAs and this book. One final plug: if there was one thing that I would go back and change in my early grad school years, it would have been to buy and read this book early in my first year. If you know someone going to grad school soon, do them a favor and gift it to them. I also just purchased Silvia’s newer book (now I’m up to six physical books!) too called Write it Up which I am working my way through.


We did take a much-needed break to go out for lunch and cashew ice cream this afternoon. As I write this I am ingesting more espresso and getting ready to dive back in.

See you all on the other side.


[Edit: PHD Comics continue to be a non-fiction account of my life, and basically every other graduate student. My life right now, summed up in a comic/graph.]