This weekend we did very typical at-home weekend stuff. It was great to catch up a little bit before I travel next week.

Typically I work from home on Fridays, but this week I went into the office because I wanted to get all of my invoices/paperwork processed as I will be out of the office for two weeks.


Do you ever get into that ‘flow’ state in your work? I totally spent most of my afternoon on mental hyperdrive. It felt great, I actually managed to zero my inbox for maybe the second time this year. It helps to have music going in the background–speaking of which, have any of you listened to Ed Sheeran’s new album, ÷?

After work I came home, we cooked some dinner and I zeroed my personal email inbox too. Again, this hasn’t happened since like, December. I guess either I am in overdrive mode or I’m finally pulling myself out of my anxiety cave (the one I’ve been comfortably hunkering down in since January 20th).


Saturday I was up early without an alarm. I spent a couple of hours reading/writing with a cup of coffee until Onur got up and I made Damn Delicious’ baked Brussels sprouts & eggs. I add shredded sweet potatoes, and omit bacon. I am not always the biggest fan of eggs in the morning, but this makes the most delicious eggs ever. Something about the sweet from the potatoes combined with the slight bitterness of the sprouts balances well.


We ran some errands before heading out for a 5.5 mile hike in Tilden. The wildflowers were out in full bloom! We have a great variety but if you are a serious wildflower aficionado you should head on over to Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve‘s super bloom in progress right now.


I think both of us were wiped out from the sunshine and exercise, so we took naps before getting the grill set up for the weekend ritual of grilling Turkish kebabs on the patio. My addition to the tradition is building the fire and opening a bottle of wine. I feel like these are the weekend moments I enjoy the most–we get the meat and veggies on the grill, drink some wine and sit outside talking.


Sunday morning I was on the volunteer crew for church setup. It means an early morning but in exchange there is coffee and good company.



After church we went out to do errands, grocery shopping and a quick stop at a gardening supply center because I needed more planting containers (of course we walked out with 13 new plants).


How about you, do you enjoy gardening?
Have any Bay Area hikes to recommend?