Women’s March on Washington – Oakland, CA

Well, it’s a pretty big week for the United States. We swore in our 45th president, go us. While I have many issues with his politics, I have to admire how well-oiled the Washington D.C. machine is. Trump’s nominees have been having a rough time through the confirmation hearings but that doesn’t seem to interfere with Trump’s determination to push through his picks. I do find his stance on journalism frightening and feel like his tweeting of policy is a new territory.

On the day after inauguration I participated in one of the many number of women’s marches and felt really good about it. Something about being in a group of people who were as outraged as I am felt redeeming.



In spite of California being hit with a couple of “big winter storms” (I have to use quotes after living in Montana, sorry California) it has been a pretty decent winter. We’ve filled up at least a couple of our very empty reservoirs and have recovered substantially from the multi-year drought but still have sunshine breaks every day or so. It’s been quite rainy, although we’ve not had any flooding or loss of power we do have an emergency kit prepared. PSA: you should have one too.

I’ve been home sick this week. Starting to go a little crazy being at home so long, but glad that I was able to recuperate while getting work done from home.

This week I am thankful for:

  1. Box wine. Quantity over quality, baby. [note: At least for inauguration.]
  2. My current Facebook hiatus. Have you tried it? Time away from social media is so refreshing.
  3. A good rain coat. Californians only seem to own absurd umbrellas.
  4. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Dang, she is hilarious. Somehow she simultaneously makes me both deeply fear the near future of elected politics, and also makes me laugh.

How are you getting through this week?