Hello friends, it’s been a while.

I feel like 2016 deserves a quick ‘year in review’ post, which I actually haven’t done since 2014.

There was a lot of terrible that happened in the world during 2016. However, while it was a dark year for the world, it was a fortunate year for us and for that I am grateful. Some highlights:

  • We had the opportunity to travel back to Turkey, this time with my parents
  • I got an incredible job, which I love
  • We moved to Oakland
  • Onur finished his C.S. degree and got a web development job!
  • We went to a couple of fun concerts in Oakland
  • We went camping for my birthday in Napa
  • We haven’t moved in nine months!!
  • There were a lot of great bike rides in SF and the East Bay

All in all, it’s been a really great year. We feel very fortunate to receive the opportunities that we have. I’m really hoping that 2017 is prosperous for everyone.