We had an excellent day of adventure. Starting with a beautiful breakfast at the house, we headed to the Tlos ruins near Fethiye then cooled off in the cold waters of a deep canyon. 

One of the things I love about Turkey is how fresh the food is. Supermarkets similar to US stores like Safeway are pretty uncommon, and instead they have small bakeries, butcher shops, local fruit and vegetable markets, and small markets that sell basic home goods. Our bread has been purchased from the bakery every morning and the produce grown locally. 

Tlos was incredible. This settlement dates back to the late 15th century BC, around the late bronze age, however recent archaeological findings indicate that this area has the earliest prehistoric evidence in all of Lycia. It was located at the junction of numerous roads and served as a key location for trade. 

The necropolis (pictured above) was used throughout many eras, and served as a burial places and were used repeatedly, with the bones of the previous occupant swept into the pit in the center of each tomb.

 The walls have archery slits with very narrow and specific fields of view (each pointing in a different direction)  and apparently they staffed one archer per three slits. 

These ruins are extensive and the large market square (seen above) was only uncovered in 2005, where previously it was a farmers field.

The exploring was hot and tiring work so we decided to get lunch at a freshwater fishery which had numerous waterfalls in and around the outdoor seating space. I got the freshwater fish (trout, I think) and it was delicious. Mom posted more about the restaurant here.

Next stop was the Saklıkent canyon. We didn’t really Know what to expect but it was amazing! You pay maybe 6 TL per person and walk along this raised walkway into the canyon (seen below).

The water is milky from clay farther up in the canyon I think, and FREEZING cold. It was 5 degrees C, 42 degrees F.

The water is moving swiftly out of a spring under the rocks and t is a bit challenging to cross but if you make it over there is a deep slot canyon with only a trickle of water that is just incredible.

After having a marvelous time we headed back to the house.