We slept in a little later today because we were so tired from the hiking yesterday I think. We went for a morning swim and then ate a nice breakfast before our plans for the day got derailed…

While we were eating breakfast the power went off again. This time apparently it was going to be off all day for planned work. With mom still recovering and planning to spend the day in the cabin, having no electricity means no air conditioning and no internet. So we instead decided to move on to the next destination a day earlier than planned.

Our first stop was for lunch and sightseeing in Kaş.

 If we knew how awesome Kas is we probably would have opted to stay a few days there. It’s a cute little seaside town, bigger than Çıralı but lacking any resort or major tourism companies. From what I understand, this is because there is no white sandy beaches in Kas, and apparently tourists only go for that.

We had lunch at a cute restaurant where the manager was from Onur’s hometown (prompting a free parking spot, free round of tea for everyone and multiple hours of conversation).

 After lunch we walked around and looked at shops, Onur had his eye out for rugs and spent some time negotiating.

My only purchase was some goat milk ice cream, which was the most interesting thing I’ve ever tasted. It was sort of a burnt milk flavor and maybe some kind of spice I couldn’t identify.

I would gladly spend more time here. We saw some really amazing caves high above the modern city and were very interested in exploring them on a future trip. According to the restaurant manager, now friend, the caves are something like 3,000 years old.

Next we drove on to Fethiye, a large city, where our ultimate destination was actually the smaller beach called Öludenız (meaning Dead Sea–it has a famous lagoon). Turns out this place is a huge tourist destination, so there are crowds everywhere and prices for lodging and restaurants are much higher than in other places.

Well, we didn’t have a hotel reserved ahead of time and planned to let Onur and his father find us a place they could negotiate a good price for so Mom, Dad, Sevgi and I hung out on the main tourist beach while the Özay boys went in search of lodging. It took almost 3 hours but they found us a great vacation house for us all to stay in.

After we got squared away at the rental house we walked to get some dinner. Tonight we did pide, a sort of pizza (but better) which we watched them make in a wood stove just next to our table.

When we got back to the house and settled in the boys served raki (the local alcohol of choice) and I opened some white wine we brought from our weekend in Napa. The local wine and beer leaves much to be desired so this trip we brought beer and wine from the states.