Oludeniz lagoon // Fethiye

Today we went to the famous Ölüdeniz lagoon, which according to all the guidebooks and travel websites, is a beautiful place to see. We were markedly underwhelmed. It’s a murky pond lagoon that had me concerned for our health after swimming in it, with private beach clubs vying for your money. We spent only about 20 minute here, 10 of which were spent showering off the questionable water.

We decided to head back to the rental house instead to use our private swimming pool, which was chlorinated.


The only thing this house is lacking is internet, so we ended up spending a few hours this morning acquiring a wireless hotspot (Turkey travel tip: pack a hotspot and just buy a local sim card).


We found a nice little cafe after we got the hotspot so that we could all reconnect to our internet IV. You can literally hear the collective “ahhh” as we got our fix.


The cafe had this fascinating fresh mint frozen lemonade drink that was super refreshing.

So the only downside to this country is the lack of coffee culture. They drink tea all the time, which is delicious, but for those with minor (and not so minor) coffee addictions, the only form of coffee widely available is instant. We knew this and packed both ground coffee and an Aeropress from home, however the aeropress requires filter papers which did not make it into the suitcase. But with a family of engineers, we finally managed a solution: a t-shirt was sacrificed as we cut out filters–a noble and worthy sacrifice. Now with internet and real coffee, life looks much better.


For dinner the family borrowed a grill from some neighbor I think and made four types of kebabs, which you can read about over at Mom’s blog here.