So, remember how I mentioned yesterday that this village we are staying in is pretty rural? Well, we woke up this morning without water or electricity. Typically the water is solar heated (meaning cold showers before 12pm). This is our second time without power since we arrived but the lack of water was far more concerning.

So we went down to the beach for a quick swim in lue of a shower.

The power and water were back on by mid-morning and while my mom and most of the family was driving her to receive medical treatment in a nearby town (she hasn’t been feeling well), I spent some time drinking çay (tea) overlooking the orange grove and watching the dog, cat and chicken (not pictured) begging for breakfast scraps.

We had a quiet day at the Pansiyon. We walked, ate ice cream, went swimming, ate more lahmacun and fresh fıstık (pistachios).

Before dinner we decided to see the chimaera, the fire in the mountain. It’s a bit of a hike, about 1 km up a steep hill so I’m glad we brought water.

The yanartaş (burning stone) is actually natural methane vents from the mountain that have been lit for thousands of years.

As legend has it, in ancient times runners would race with torches lit by the Chimaera flames down to the city of Olympos, which is what inspired the tradition of running the Olympic flame.

This trip we packed marshmallows and many other folks had the same idea.

There are seriously ancient ruins everywhere you look in this area. There were some pretty well intact ones at the Chimaera flames, these ones even had fresco that was still visible.

 When we got back to the Pansiyon Onur’s mom had made us dinner. We had chicken over rice pilaf with a shepherds salad and some kind of yogurt-based soup.

We all fell fast asleep shortly after.