Sunrise // Cirali, Turkey

We started the day around 5:30am (still feeling a little jet-lagged) to get photos and swim right at sunrise. It was a long day, doing most all of the sights in and around Antalya. It was fun but exhausting. Lots of pictures below..


Dad getting a photo


Olympos at sunrise

There is nothing better than swimming in the ocean here as you are waking up. The sea is very salty, which means that you are much more buoyant than in a swimming pool. It takes zero effort to float on your back, in fact there are also no waves and it seems like you could almost take a nap while floating.


After breakfast we loaded into the car and headed for the Aspendos ruins outside of Antalya.


Aspendos // Antalya, Turkey



Did I mention how hot and humid it is? You can see the sweat dripping off of our faces in some of these pictures.



Our next stop was to the upper Düden waterfall, for a quick lunch of gözleme (a filled pastry pancake) and to cool off a little.


After the waterfalls we headed into old town Antalya, to a district called Kaleiçi where there are ancient walls and narrow cobblestone streets filled with shop stalls.

We made our way down to the marina, which is surrounded on all sides by old city walls.

Finally we got home well past dark and quickly fell fast asleep.