DSC_0544Yesterday we were up early to fly to Antalya, where we rented a car and drove to Çıralı, a place well off the beaten path in the jungle. We found this place on our last trip and it is completely perfect. There are no real hotels here, just cabins, pansiyons, and tents for rent. I am pretty sure no bus could navigate these roads, which is great because it keeps the numbers of tourists down.

We made it to the beach, and got to do an evening swim before dinner.

Onur’s mom Sevgi made and brought delicious food for lunch and dinner. Onur’s hometown is known for the amazing cuisine, so we were very lucky to be able to experience the food from there, even if it was too unsafe to travel there ourselves. She brought lacmacun (my favorite dish) for lunch and dolmas (stuffed peppers) sarma (suffed grape leaves) for dinner.

My mom has been learning Turkish for the last year or two, and managed to make her first purchase entirely in Turkish. My Turkish is not nearly as good, although I can understand a bit, my vocabulary for speaking is very small.

This morning we woke up early and headed straight for a swim in the ocean. There is nothing quite like the Mediterranean in the morning. After floating around for about an hour we headed back for breakfast at the pansiyon.

We decided to explore the Olympos ruins today.



DSC_0576It was very warm and humid so we only lasted a few hours of hiking. The Olympos ruins are very extensive and you could spend a few days hiking around to look at them all. We instead opted to head back to the cabin for a cold beer and a nap.

For dinner Sevgi made us yuvarlama, a dish that is only made in Gaziantep, a yogurt soup with small balls of lamb meat mixed with rice flour. She made it with goat yogurt so that I could eat it, and it was SO good.

Tomorrow we will explore Antalya.