Our flight was smooth an we landed in Istanbul about 5:30pm local time. The first thing I noticed upon exiting customs was bullet holes in pillars and signs in the airport lobby, left over from the June terrorist attack here in June 2016.

We made it to the hotel and after getting settled, headed out for dinner. We are staying in the Eminönü district, which is directly overlooking the Bosphorus. I don’t think we could have found a better spot to stay while we sightsee. We walked just down the street to the Hamdi Restaurant for kebaps. I got to try Fıstıklı Kebab which is a kebab with pistachios mixed in the grilled meat, and it was delicious.



Bosphorus river // August 22, 2016

Tomorrow we will do our one day of sightseeing in Istanbul, likely hitting up similar spots to last time. Also my mom is blogging about our trip over here at