I had a hard time handling the world this week. This latest mass terrorist attack in Istanbul has me heartbroken and frightened. I need time to process.

Thankfully we had a quiet weekend dogsitting planned so I had time to breathe and be away from news feeds.

We finally watched the Game of Thrones season 6 finale to get our minds off of terrorism for a while. Well, not to spoil the plot for anyone but there was some pretty impressive terrorism/extermination in the finale. So, not exactly a happy mindless show, but a very exciting finale.


On Friday I got to work remotely so I spent my day working outside in the sunshine and took some short dogwalk breaks. At 5pm I biked to the grocery store to get healthy food for the weekend.


Afternoon caffeine/snack break

This month I decided to participate in Taralynn’s July Fitness Challenge, where for a month I am going to take small steps to improve my habits and health. I’ve set up an Instagram account for this month (as to not spam my normal feed with sweaty selfies and food pictures, ew) but if you are into that, please follow along here: @grantjh_fitness


Saturday we had a much-needed quiet day. We did a short bike ride to campus and through downtown to check out the weekly live music. When we went back to the house, I made red curry for dinner and we watched the Great British Baking Show while we ate.


On Sunday we walked the dogs to a nearby cafe and worked outside while they napped in the shade. It was super nice out, and I get so much done. Coffee = life.


Monday was July 4th so I had the day off of work! I used the extra time off to build my to-do list for the week and did some fun blogging about where we used to live and where we live now. We also got the pups out for a nice long walk, in hopes of tiring them out pre-fireworks.


In the afternoon Onur and I biked into Palo Alto for a scoop of ice cream because nothing says summer like an ice cream cone. We took the long route home and ended up exploring a new park area down by the San Francisco bay. It was gorgeous, and we caught it right before sunset when the light was perfect.


As a dogsitter I take 4th of July pretty seriously, as I’m usually watching different dogs each year and all dogs have different reactions to the noise of fireworks. Some dogs ignore it, while others have to be given mild sedatives. Regardless of the dog, I always try to get out for a long walk during the day so they will be tired in the evening, at dusk I close all windows and doors (but make sure to turn on the A.C. or fans), then turn on the TV or music louder than usual to block out some of the firework noise. Even though I am in the house with them, I also double-check that the dogs have collars with IDs on them because on 4th of July more pets go missing than any other day, likely because they are trying to escape the noise and find safety.


Our movie pick for the night was The Intern, which seemed like such a corny movie at first but it ended up being great! I’ll be re-watching this one again. Also I treated myself to a fancy Kevita kombucha for the evening. As part of the July fitness challenge I am choosing to reduce or eliminate my alcohol intake for the month, just to see how it goes.

Until next weekend!