We move around so much I thought it would be nice to post a few photos from our current apartment. It was newly renovated just before we moved in (we are still removing manufacturer stickers from the appliances and windows). We are still getting settled, but it’s starting to feel like home.

This is our eighth apartment in four years. You can see the rest here. Ever since our first apartment we have made it a tradition to go out for a burger and cold beer after we return the moving truck. By that point we are sweaty and tired and really need some food.

Living Room: now
IMG_0300Here you see our front door, our standing desk work station with our shoes and files underneath, our one bookshelf (down from four previously) which holds all books, office supplies, shopping bags, chargers/camera, and bike gear. Our TV (which we basically never use) is on top of the bookshelf.

Living Room: during move-in
When we moved in our stuff barely fit in the apartment. Thankfully we did another round of elimination and donated a full carload to Goodwill, then organized everything. I think it looks much better now.


Eat-in Kitchen: now
IMG_0375This is our dining area and kitchen. We love the kitchen island (hellooo counter space!) and that it doubles as our dining table. Onur is starting to play with different rugs in the space. FYI, this beautiful blue rug is for sale! If you are interested in handmade Turkish rugs, check out our shop on Etsy.

We love our gas stove and convection oven. One of the best parts of our kitchen. What you don’t see is our pull out trash and recycling drawer on the right as well as tiered drawers under the kitchen island (seriously useful storage!). Some sweet friends of ours gifted us the small compost bin on the counter and it has been so useful every day! Also seen here is the mini-sized dishwasher. We fill it up and run it at least once per day, twice when I’m doing a lot of food prep, but that’s fine.

I think I got the idea for this thing on Pinterest. We had an extra lazy Susan so I put the condiments we use every day on it for easy access.

Our appliances all fit on the counter, under the cabinets. The only two that have to be stored elsewhere are the waffle iron and my stand mixer.

So for years now I’ve been saying that this was the best DIY project ever. And that is still completely true.

Eat-in Kitchen: during move-in
I was getting a little worried about fitting everything into the new apartment when we moved in but thankfully there is very smart storage in the kitchen so that ended up being the easiest part of the house to organize. IMG_0814IMG_0813
Bathroom: now
The bathroom is legitimately small. Sitting on the toilet you feet hit the tiny closet they installed in the bathroom. You can’t open the under sink drawer unless you close the bathroom door, and neither can you get in or out of the shower if that door is open.
But you know what? It’s fine! There is more storage than we need and the mirrored cabinet (also mirrored on the inside) is really nice.

Bathroom: during move-in

Bedroom: now
The bedroom is just big enough for our queen size bed to fit next to our 6-drawer Ikea dresser (which has apparently been recalled). I think we would like to downsize the dresser to something smaller.
We have a collection of awesome Kletterwerks backpacks that Onur made for us when he worked at Mystery Ranch. They only really fit on hooks in the apartment. We don’t have a lot of other storage options.

The closet is on the small side, but with all of our downsizing in the last year it fits us both just fine. In fact it easily fits all of our clothes, my fencing gear, our laundry basket and the vacuum cleaner. Currently our nice road bikes also share the bedroom with us. I’m planning on getting this bike tree to use in the living room.

I guess that’s it for now!