DSC_9729This weekend was a blast! It was another productive weekend at home, which was great because we’ll be dogsitting again next weekend for the 4th so it was nice to get the house in shape for the next few weeks.

During my lunch break at work I decided to go running on the waterfront. There are some major upsides and downsides to working in downtown San Francisco, but the scenic running routes are certainly one of the upsides. I did a longer run than I usually manage, but it was nice because I made it over to the Palace of Fine arts which I don’t remember visiting before.

IMG_0250IMG_0241However, I was a total idiot in that not only did I not bring water I also didn’t wear sunscreen and by the end of my run I looked like a lobster. This was a good reminder to me to make a daily habit of wearing sunscreen in the summer.

After work a group of my coworkers decided to head to a nearby bar for drinks. I can’t stress how much I enjoy everyone I work with. This is like the unicorn of companies. I never knew you could have such a team of smart, funny, and nice people at a company.

IMG_0281I headed home at 6:30pm to eat a quick dinner of leftovers before Onur took us out to a concert! It was such a treat to have a date night out. The concert was held at a sushi bar in Oakland, which ended up being super amazing and I want to find an excuse to go back because the venue was so enjoyable.
IMG_0287After the concert we decided to get ice cream from the Baskin Robins across the street. I hadn’t been to a Baskin Robins in probably 12 years or something (since I can’t have milk) but I was shocked and amazed at how good their non-dairy ice cream was. We walked around the Jack London Square area eating our ice cream and enjoyed the summer night and the lights of passing ships. It was a completely delightful evening.

For breakfast on Friday morning I made us bagel sandwiches. On our most recent trip to Costco Onur insisted on buying a huge quantity of everything bagels, and a toaster to toast the bagels. These things are dangerously delicious.
IMG_0294I got to remote work, as usual. Then Onur decided to make us sushi for dinner. He makes the BEST sushi.
He had a tango event to go to so I stayed home and cleaned the house. I know that sounds awful but as an introvert, I relish the occasional solo evening to relax and get the apartment to myself. I’ll put apartment photos up in the next post!

SaturdayDSC_9726Onur had homework so I used the morning to meet up with my friends Karin and Colin for a hike!! This needs more exclamation points!!! I love getting outdoors, and hiking with friends is probably in my top three favorite activities along with sleeping and eating.


Showing off her ‘happy baby’ yoga pose

Their daughter is just over four months old and this was her very first hike. It was a hot day and there wasn’t much shade (thanks California) but she was a trooper. We had a nice picnic lunch at the end of our hike.

I got home and immediately made a smoothie to recover from the heat!

IMG_0334Getting a weekend at home is such a nice treat, I managed to plan our menu for the week, food shop, and even prep a bunch of things. I made hardboiled eggs, made my lunch salads for the whole week, soaked kidney beans to cook on Sunday, made a homemade honey-lemon vinaigrette dressing, cooked a thai chicken salad for dinner and made an apple crisp for dessert!

My mom was a wonderful cook and growing up would cook my brother and I a hot breakfast every day, and dinner from scratch every night. I still don’t know how she did it, especially during those teenage years when I decided I wanted to be vegan, and she started making TWO dinners from scratch each night while also working (she is seriously Superwoman). For Christmas a few years ago she made my brother, Kat (who lived with us) and I all cookbooks with her commonly used recipes. To this day I think it was the best, most useful gift I have ever received. Just this week I cooked five dishes using these recipes and they are not only delicious, they also remind me of my happy childhood. Thanks Mom!

Onur studied all day while I watched Netflix and did laundry. I think we finally have a good standing desk/stool/dual monitor setup for the house.

I can’t remember what was happening here, but I think he’s pretty cute.

Remember how we were shopping for new furniture last weekend? Well we finally settled on counter stools and purchased them on sale (woot!). I’m the handyman in the household, so I got to assemble them while Onur made/grilled dinner.

I turned on some home renovation shows while I assembled furniture. Anyone else out there in love with HGTV/DIY Network shows? I’ve really enjoyed Fixer Uppers, Stonehouse Revival, and Barnwood Builders.

Sunday night realization: I unintentionally have a color theme. Apparently I only purchase things if they are the color teal. o_o

Until next weekend!