This week was busy at work, but it was the first weekend in a while that we were at home so it was great to get caught up with friends, neighbors and on household tasks.

This last week I was in charge of hosting my first ever happy hour event for the office. These get rotated every month and I needed a couple of months to get adjusted to the new office and culture. As it was June, I decided to hold an ice cream-themed happy hour, having done a successful build-your-own ice cream sandwich event for my old company and I figured it would be pretty easy to replicate.


Pinterest was very helpful and gave me the idea to tie in ice cream-themed cocktails too as it was a happy hour event.  I used free printables for the ice cream bar from Yellow Bliss Road and put out a variety of cocktail recipes (and ingredients) from so people could make what they wanted. It was a big success, and the champagne + raspberry sorbet floats from Well Nesting were one of the biggest hits.

As usual, Fridays are my work from home days but at least I got to sleep in a little bit. After work Onur and I were feeling like getting out of the house so we grabbed some books to read and headed on over to Fieldwork Brewing company for a beer and invited a friend to join us. Maybe we are just super nerdy, but being able to read a book for fun with a great beer sounds very fun to me. Our friend arrived and laughed at us reading in a brewpub.


We had a great time and enjoyed the food and the company.


On Saturday I made waffles (our weekend tradition) and I always make extra to freeze and reheat on the weekday mornings when Onur doesn’t want to eat eggs for breakfast (his typical breakfast). I’ve never been into eggs in the morning, but he cooks them so well I will always eat them. Usually on weekdays I wake up much earlier than he does and my stomach handles cereal or a smoothie for breakfast way better than it does eggs.


Having just moved into a new apartment recently we have been trying to find the right configuration of furniture to fit the space. Remember how proud I was last January that we had lived in the same place for over a year? Well, we have moved three times since then.


Well we hit up Berkeley’s trendy 4th street area to look at furniture. The Crate & Barrel outlet is going to be dangerous to live near. Seriously, so many cute house items. We were looking for counter stools and either a small couch or two armchairs and found some options but nothing we wanted to buy right away. First we are going to work on getting rid of the furniture that doesn’t fit. I’ll post a photo tour of the new house soon!

IMG_0164One of the things I want to get better at is weekend menu planning and meal prep. So on Saturday I planned out what I needed for which meals and went food shopping. On Sunday morning I made my mother’s maple cranberry scones for the week. They taste like my childhood and freeze really well if they aren’t going to be eaten right away.


Onur had homework to do on Sunday so I went for a nice long run through Berkeley. I think I ended up doing something insane like 9 miles (let’s be honest, 70% of that was walking) but I made it out to the Berkeley hills where the nearest hiking trails are to us.


It was blazing hot, but very pretty. I was kicking myself for not bringing water with me. I made it about halfway to the top and turned around because I had to be home in time to host a BBQ for our apartment neighbors. We all moved in recently, there are only four apartments in the building and everyone is around the same age so we thought it would be fun to be neighborly.

IMG_0191Well, in planning the BBQ we didn’t realize that the Warriors would take the NBA finals into game seven and that it would be right at the same time as our BBQ. Anyways, we fired up the grill anyways and brought a laptop outside to stream the game. WHAT A GAME. Neither Onur or I typically watch sports but our friends got us watching the NBA finals, and that was a nail-biter game. It was still tied at a minute from the end.

IMG_0192I’m glad I did such a long run, I enjoyed the food and cold beer (or three) while we enjoyed the company of our neighbors.

Until next weekend!