We had such a great summertime weekend!

Spent the weekend in Palo Alto with our favorite pups, I know it seems like we do this every weekend, but it’s such a blast! On Friday I had a day-long meeting, which was fun but it was a long day. Saturday afternoon we headed down to Palo Alto to see our favorite pups.

IMG_1221IMG_1214There were lots of snuggles.

IMG_1226We wanted to have something fresh and easy for dinner, so Onur (the head chef in these parts) cooked up some fresh pasta and topped it with fresh basil and a shredded Manchego cheese. We love eating outdoors during the summer. I can’t get enough of these summer nights.

IMG_1239After the family came home, we decided to head to University Ave to grab some ice cream from CREAM, and walk around. One of the things I enjoy so much about downtown Palo Alto is the live music in the summer! Onur and I used to go to a lot of live music events like this when we first met in Montana and we always have a blast. There was a lot of dancing, including our attempt at the Cha-cha.

IMG_1248On Sunday we were up bright and early (5:30am!!) to get Onur to his bike Sequoia Century bike ride. He’s been training for this ride for months and wanted to really challenge himself. I dropped him off and wished him luck, then headed to the hills for a short hike!

DSC_9667I just drove up the hills and ended up somewhere off of Mt. Eden road and just started hiking. It was super hot so I didn’t last too long but it was really pretty and reminded me how much I need to make getting out of the city a priority. If I don’t get into the woods or wilderness often enough I start to get very anxious and feel suffocated.

DSC_9678Even if the area has been pretty heavily impacted (thanks, stupid humans) it helped me feel good to be walking the trails.

IMG_1258Mid-morning I headed back to hang out with these adorable puppies for the morning/afternoon. They are the best furry people ever. This guy is a red lab, isn’t he amazing? I had never seen one before.

IMG_1255I hung out with the family a bit, when they came back and we all walked the four dogs to the California Ave famers market for fresh produce. It’s like walking with a small zoo, but they are so friendly and love meeting people. It’s like a walking advertisement for the Humane Society.

IMG_1274After the market the family left for more errands and these pups took a nap. Liza here is exactly how I felt. That 5am wakeup and the summer heat had me napping right along with her.

DSC_9695Onur wrapped up with his ride right around the time I was finished dogsitting so I went to pick him up from the finish line and get him fed. I think he was asleep within 2 minutes of sitting down in the car. Super proud of him for completing such a tough ride!

Until next weekend!