We had a really nice Memorial weekend! I work remotely on Friday (major perk) so I headed to Stanford to catch up with some friends and work remotely. It was another weekend with our favorite pups, but I didn’t get any photos (check my next post for those).

IMG_1170I came up with a super easy dinner for when I don’t want anything too heavy and don’t feel like doing dishes: Pita bread pizza. I think probably Taralynn’s post inspired this idea a long time ago, but finally tried it and love it! You just take a pita per person, top with desired pizza toppings and bake at 425 until cheese melts. I think an improvement would be to toast the bread alone first if you like crispy crust.IMG_1173Since there was extra pita bread I toasted some with hard  boiled eggs for brunch in the morning. This is a very Turkish breakfast, and makes me dream of the Mediterranean!
IMG_1166I finally got in for a haircut over the weekend, but I kind of hate it. The stylist just cut straight across and didn’t thin any of my super thick hair so it just poofs out at the bottom. -_- Lesson learned. Find a great stylist and stick with them.

Until next weekend!