It has been a shamefully long time since I posted. I enjoy writing but psych myself out about being judged by the internet. I know, I’ve talked about that before but dang. Anyways, I realized that I enjoy keeping this blog because it helps me remember fun things and times in my life and that’s important to me. So here goes a better effort to document the things I want.

This weekend was pretty quiet. I spent Friday working remotely from Palo Alto so that I could catch up with some former colleagues in between emails. I was animal sitting for the weekend but Onur had two nights of events up in Berkeley so I got some solo time, which was actually really nice. Ended up catching up with a girlfriend over a couple glasses of wine in Palo Alto. However the wine bar was not really my scene, I don’t think I’d go back there.

On Saturday we had intermittent showers but warm temperatures so I biked to Stanford in between showers to get a cup of coffee somewhere comfy that I could watch the rain. Once the rain had dried up I headed to the gym for a good long workout!


I did 35 minutes of intervals on an elliptical, lifted weights and did leg presses, then did 15 minutes of intervals on the stair master. After that my hands and arms were shaking so I ate half a granola bar and drank a bottle of an electrolyte drink, then jumped in the swimming pool for 30 minutes of laps (only managed 15 laps but for my first time swimming this year it felt good).

Stanford is such a beautiful place, I wandered through the Papua New Guinea gardens today and it was nice like always. Always a little other-worldly.



Check out these teal flowers! I think these look like they are from space, I’ve never seen this color in a plant before but my biologist friend helped ID it as Puya berteroniana, aka. blue or turquoise puya.


It just so happens that I timed my visit to campus well because there was a free community global BBQ event. We attended last year too and it was a blast. Student groups from around the world host stations of grilled (or other) foods that are from their country. The rain cleared up and it was perfect weather.



On Sunday we went out for brunch at Hobee’s, which is one of my favorite breakfast locations. I actually used to come to Hobee’s as a young child when we lived in California and I have fond memories of getting Mickey Mouse pancakes any time we came. As an adult I appreciate their solid coffee and eggs Benedict (oh, and coffeecake).


After brunch we made it to Stanford again to wander around, and after digesting we hit the gym again. Managed 3.5 miles on the elliptical and then swam another 15 laps! Whew.

What did you do this weekend?