Race Recap // Do All Things With LoveWe completed the 103 mile bike ride! It was much harder than I expected, but that was because we spent around 7 hours on a bike seat and the headwind really sucked. My number one complaint about this race was the condition of the roads. It was the bumpiest most uncomfortable surface to drag yourself over for 100 miles. Upside was that it was pretty scenic, it was just along the top of a levee along the Sacramento river… although that does get old too after about hour four.

Race Recap // Do All Things With Love My phone died before we finished the race so Strava doesn’t register the total miles or time spent. It ended up being around 7.5 hours and 103 miles with much more than 68 feet of elevation gain… Oh well.

Race Recap // Do All Things With LovePlus side is that my Jawbone thinks I’m a fucking badass. Apparently I gave my 550% on the ride!

I ate all kinds of stuff on the ride, although I’m not sure how good it was for me. I made a fresh batch of those no-bake energy bars the night before, and at rest stops I ate bananas, lara bars and some costco muffins (needed fast energy but regretted it back on my bike). After the ride was over I inhaled ate a burger and fries almost without chewing them and drank a cold beer.

I am thankful for the following things:

  • That I have great teammates. Seven hours is a long time to be on a painful bike seat so I was very glad to have good people to make vulgar jokes with while we rode and sing loudly for entertainment and to help pull me while cursing at the headwind.
  • That my knee didn’t hurt too bad. I’ve been having weird knee pains and was worried about how this ride would go.
  • That I have a standing desk at work. I’m not going to be comfortable sitting for a few more days.
  • The sweet ride volunteers who pulled up right as I blew a flat to help change my tire and get me riding in under minutes.
  • The shower-sized wet wipe that one of my teammates procured to help take off the 1/2 inch of sweatsalt that had crusted every surface of my body.
  • That the ride is over. I’m never doing a ride in Sacramento again. Yolo county’s lack of road maintenance can just suck it. I would consider another century someday but not in Sacramento.