30-day Yoga Challenge // Do All Things With Love

30-day Yoga Challenge // Do All Things With Love

Yoga is such a healthy thing to do. Research has found that yoga has potent health benefits and improves overall quality of life. It also can be a free activity if you have a mat, or really just a floor and access to YouTube.

I took my first yoga class in college when I was having a rough time handling my work load and had a lot of unhealthy stress. It was the best class I could have taken! By adding yoga to my schedule I found that my stress levels were much lower and my ability to focus was higher. In the past few years I have done yoga videos occasionally which always are nice, but I was looking for a way I could get it back into my schedule without spending a fortune on high-priced classes.

So I did a YouTube search for yoga videos and stumbled across Yoga with Adriene. She’s funny. Adriene doesn’t take herself too seriously, which I appreciate, and she also produces really high-quality yoga videos. She has tons of useful videos for the aspiring Yogi, including a 30-day yoga challenge. So join me in adding a short yoga practice to your day for 30 days and see how it helps your quality of life! I look forward to reversing the desk worker slouch and my loosening stiff cycling muscles.

Ready? Start with Day 1: Ease into It