Day three.

Today I was pondering news headlines. Isn’t it interesting what we focus on? In the age of clickbait, do we ever stop to think about how there are stories all around us–meaningful, powerful stories, if we just disconnect from the media machine for a few minutes?

Things not in the news: ‘citizens perform day of service for their city out of love, not personal gain’ is a headline I made up that is actually real, but it’s not in the news because currently headlines are about extramarital affair websites, and about the stock market and about how seriously, everything in the western half of the country is on fire. While these might be legitimate things for us to know about, to be citizens versed in the happenings of the world, I would like to posit that we all need to spend more time paying attention to our neighborhoods, our cities, and seriously spending some time away from the big machine of media and social media.

Not in the news (but could be): This last Saturday, the Imago Dei community in my hometown of Portland, Oregon mobilized an army of 160 volunteers to clean, paint, landscape and repair underfunded schools across Portland before the school year started as part of their annual Love Portland service day. Just because it was a need in the community and they wanted to give the city a big hug. Their work and the donated material saves the school districts well over a million dollars every year.

Something to think about.