Organized Year // Do All Things With Love
[Part 2 of An Organized Year]

As you probably know, multi-tasking is a bit of a misnomer because when you focus on multiple things at once you do them both badly. Well, I think multi-tasking is okay if you are doing two things that take very little brainpower. The following are tasks that I added to my schedule by doing them at the same time as other things:

1. Cleaning the Shower

This has been floating around the internet for a while, but keeping a Scotch Brite dish scrubber in your shower loaded with vinegar and Dawn dish soap is a simple way to remember to clean it while you are already taking a shower. Easy peasy.

2. Bathroom Counter wipe-down 

This one is a little different. Part of my evening routine is to wash my face, but I use those generic makeup-removing wipes because I really never make time to use a face wash. Well, the wipes are larger than I actually need for my face so I’ve started wiping my face on one half and then use the wipe to just quickly wipe down the bathroom counter.

3. Three-minute pick up

This one is also my own weird thing. I brush my teeth using an electric toothbrush with a timer that runs for three minutes, so while I’m brushing my teeth I pick up items around the house, put things in the laundry basket, straighten the couch pillows, set out items for the morning, etc. If I have a hand free and no brain cells needed for my other task, might as well be cleaning while I’m doing the task.

4. Checking the mail

We have a Post Office box across campus that I have to remember to check occasionally. I use checking my mail as an opportunity to get in a run on my lunch break, so checking the mail is a task that I can do while ultimately also getting in some exercise either a 1.5 mile walk or run.

5. Weekly car cleaning

Every weekend I run our laundry in the shared laundry room at our apartment. One of the biggest downsides of our apartment is having to use the shared coin-operated machines (six machines for a total of 90 apartment units) which break down all the time… anyways. The weekly laundry routine irritates me (not doing laundry, just finding an open and working machine) and takes up at least an hour and a half of my weekends so I have made it routine to use the time to clean out our car while the wash is running. I clean out any trash or items to take inside from the week, then wipe down the interior with cleaning wipes and wipe down the exterior with dry microfiber towels. Keeps everything shiny and clean!

Okay, I want to hear your ideas – what do you fit in to make your organization or cleaning routines more efficient?


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