Organized Year // Do All Things With Love

This year one my goal is to keep our life organized so that we can both focus more of our time and energy on academics and projects. Both Onur and I work full-time and don’t have kids. Still, last year I noticed that we wouldn’t make time to clean or stay organized. After work all either of us wanted to do was just relax. I wanted to come up with some easy planning and organization strategies to help us better utilize our time and to keep a clean house even if we are both tired after work.

We are only a month into the year but already I think I have struck gold on the combination of organization methods that work for us. These are mostly small things but very time-effective and they add up to make a huge difference in our day-to-day routines. Most of these ideas are really basic, you could find these (and many more) on Pinterest or Buzzfeed, but I’m really proud of one or two that are unusual. Instead of posting a novella containing details of all the organizational methods in one place I will break it into a few posts and the below bullet points will be turned into links as the posts go up. Stay tuned!

How do you find time during busy weeks to stay organized? I want to hear your ideas! signature1