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Down by the Bay // Do All Things With Love

As part of our push to be healthier this month, Onur and I are trying to be more active. So when we have a sunny weekend day off we try to get out together. Last weekend we rode bikes to the farmers market and then took a picnic and rode down to the park on San Francisco Bay. It was so beautiful!

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Easy Fried Rice // Do All Things With Love

My favorite recipes are all ones that let you use up whatever might be in your fridge, freezer or pantry. For example, Minestrone Soup is one where all you need is kidney beans as a base and you can then add whatever other veggies and/or noodles and/or meat that you want. My Homemade Pizza is the same way. Any kind of random vegetable, sauce or protein you have laying around can go on it. Well, last week I added another favorite to my list: fried rice! All you need is rice and at least one egg, then just add whatever vegetables and/or meat to it  and voila! An easy-peasy, inexpensive, made mostly from the freezer, dinner.  Read the rest of this entry »

Pumpkin Patch! // Do All Things With Love

Back before my thesis intermission I was going to share a post on our pumpkin patch triple-date! Our good friends Karin & Colin and Kat & Brian (who recently got engaged!!) all decided that it was fall and high time to head to a pumpkin patch. I had not realized that Onur had never visited a pumpkin patch before! It was very entertaining. 🙂

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Baked Oatmeal // Do All Things With Love

Last week I discovered a great recipe for baked oatmeal, I won’t call them cupcakes, but muffin-shaped oatmeal. Perfect for a Healthy October menu! It’s cooked/baked rolled oats mixed with mashed banana, some sweetener and whatever extra additions you want to throw in. My first version I just added some cinnamon and chocolate chips, but this morning my second batch I added walnuts (from the farmers market!), raisins, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and coconut oil. I like that this is a fairly healthy breakfast to grab in the morning to eat with some fruit or eggs. Read the rest of this entry »

I will now be calling an intermission on my regularly scheduled blogging to throw myself repeatedly against a keyboard write my damn thesis. My advisor has the patience of Buddha, and has been sticking with me through my  many long breaks from finishing my masters. I owe it to her (and myself) to just get. it. done.

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Chalk Menu Board. Happy October! // Do All Things With Love

Last weekend we took a trip to a pumpkin patch with two other couples (a post on that later). We picked up some pumpkins and our apartment is starting to feel like October!

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Turkish Kısır Recipe // Do All Things With Love

As most of you know, Onur is Turkish. I am attempting to learn Turkish (Türkçe) which is challenging. I’m also trying to learn how to cook Turkish cuisine, but he happens to be an amazing chef, so usually I get kicked out of the kitchen pretty quickly. However, he agreed to let me try to document one of the many dishes he makes that he makes without a recipe.

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