In case you haven’t been clued in by my Instagram, my life has been taken over by bike riding!

My parents shipped my road bike down for my birthday in July and since then I have been a hardcore bike commuter. Maybe you would call me crazy for doing long weekend rides because 100 miles a week on my bike just isn’t enough. If you aren’t a cyclist it might seem like a sickness, but really it’s just not something you would understand. Behold project bike love:

Finally reunited with my baby after 15 long, hard months of separation. ❤

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Great weekend ride with @especiallykay and Colin.

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Perfect way to end a long bike ride in 96 degree wheather: fountain hopping!

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In other fantastic happy news, Onur moved to California last week! This week has been consumed by unpacking, washing, and organizing our stuff, his job interviews and the craziest five hour trip to Ikea.

We had the best weekend! The balcony garden got set up and planted, I cooked three dinners in the slow cooker (leading to a comment “oh my gosh, you are an incredible cook!” I call that success.), we rode our bikes to the farmers market, got some amazing organic produce, got caught in a rainstorm, went to a Stanford football game, studied together in a local coffee shop and went to our first tango milonga (already getting asked if we give lessons!). Whew!

Balcony // Do All Things With Love

Stanford Football // Do All Things With Love

Studying in a coffee shop // Do All Things With Love

Tango // Do All Things With Love

Hope you all had an excellent weekend too!


PS. Word is on the street that our #HealthyOctober project will be returning for a second year!