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Summer Solstice // Do All Things With Love

6:15 am Stanford hills.

Today is summer solstice, the longest daylight of the year.
Fittingly, work this week feels like the longest week of the year.
The only thing to keep my sanity is running, so at 6am I ran the campus hills.
Thanks to the solstice it was bright and sunny at 6am.

It was a beautiful way to start any day.


Awake My Soul // Do All Things With Love

On Mumford & Sons overdrive today.

Santa Cruz // Do All Things With Love

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

While we were camping last weekend, we decided to drive up to Santa Cruz for an afternoon. It was a weekend, so the Boardwalk area was packed. This isn’t even full summer tourist season and it was late afternoon, most people had left for the day, and it was still this crowded.

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Ocean // Do All Things With Love

Ocean + Wildflowers

This weekend some friends and I went camping at Sunset State Beach. It was beautiful and sunny and the first time in about two years that I’ve actually been to the ocean. I’m determined to do more coastal camping again very soon.

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