Yep, it’s a three-day weekend. Plenty of time for some home projects!

1. Made another branch hanger for the entryway (I used the same method as my branch necklace holder
2. Hung paintings and a lamp
3. Added another houseplant
4. My wonderful textile expert found us a beautiful rug for the hallway!
5. Shortened curtains in the bedroom
6. Made some chalkboard mugs! (details in my next post)
7. Did lots of yardwork

The curtains took about 10 minutes and a sewing machine. I just roughly guessed how short I wanted them, then folded twice to keep the seams in. This is the second house I’ve used these babies in. They were $20 on sale at IKEA. And they look oh so much nicer in our bedroom.

Okay, I have to take a second to brag – this beauty was a garage sale find. A whopping 50 cents!! The best thing is that it matches the hideous peach paint in our office perfectly. I really like how it looks in the room.

Our little seedling babies are doing great. The purple basil, chinese kale, purple broccoli, sunflowers and peppers are all sprouting!

Made some chalkboard mugs! (Step-by-step instructions HERE)