Here are some recent snapshots of my life:

Breakfast in the yard

Our new house is wonderful.  We have a yard, sunshine, and wood floors.  Breakfast and dinner is often eaten out in the backyard.

Deer from our window

We have a bunch of neighborhood deer that hang out in the yard because there is lush grass.  A mother deer and her twin fawns wander through almost every day.


It’s late in the growing season right now, so I’m starting a windowsill garden.  The basil and pepper plants have already started sprouting!

Dinner preparation

My favorite gourmet chef has been making great use of the new kitchen!

Dinner on the new table

We drove to Portland for a short visit, and made it to Ikea to buy our first dining room table!  Wow, so domestic.

August in Paradise Valley

Working outdoors allows me to experience the changing seasons in a way I don’t normally get to do.  It is late August now and while it is still hot and dry here, the leaves have begun to slowly start changing colors in anticipation for autumn. Montana is still completely breathtaking.

Yep, that’s my life right now.