Devil’s Slide

Hey guys, sorry for not writing much!  I don’t have internet at my place, so I have to find wi-fi at the library or a coffee shop in town.  Anyways, things are going well!  Work is fun so far and seriously, this is such beautiful country.  I have lots of pictures to share, so read on!

Tom Miner Basin

The weather here has been a little cooler, with some wind and some rain and snow showers.  But it never lasts long and there is always some sunshine.  I’m a little sunburned even.  The rain is really interesting to me, because it comes in small waves.  Usually you can see rain on the distance but it isn’t raining everywhere… which makes for some neat photos!

Rainy Basin

Emigrant Peak

Cows in snow

I made it to Bozeman this week, which is the nearest big town, and they have tango!  I am so relieved to find a welcoming dance community.  That was really one of the hardest parts of leaving Portland.  I get to work tomorrow, then get a three day weekend so I think I will head to Yellowstone for a day, tango in Bozeman one of the days and maybe try to hike too.