Flathead Lake

From Coeur d’Alene, I drove over the mountains to Missoula, stopped off for lunch and watched kayakers and surfers play on the river running through downtown.  Last time I visited my aunt introduced me to Taco del Sol and their fish burritos, and let me tell you they are delicious.  Seriously.  Go there.

After stopping in Missoula I drove an hour north to meet up with my friend Nathan to camp on Flathead Lake.  Nate and I worked together on my last wildlife project about four years ago, and he just moved to Montana about a week ago to work on a long-term study being carried out on the national bison range.  It was fun to catch up and to spend some time on Flathead.  It is one of my favorite places in Montana.

The hardest part of the drive were the steep mountain passes, at which point my poor little car can’t really go more than 35 mph.  I figured out that the trick to handle this was to pretend I was a semi truck driver.  I would downshift, put on my emergency blinkers, and kick back, eat a snack and enjoy the scenery.  I think I will need to purchase a trucker cap to really accessorize the car.

The town here is great!  I don’t have time to post much now, so I will leave you with a nice photo.  This is my new home: