Well, everything has been packed, and goodbyes said.  Now I’m on the road to Montana!

Highway 84 in the Columbia River Gorge

The drive was long, mostly because eastern Oregon and Washington is pretty flat and dull.  I don’t have a radio or stereo in the car.

Oh yeah, did I mention?  Leaving has been REALLY HARD.  There have been so many goodbyes.  I had a going away party, my student ambassador co-workers had a celebration for me (love you guys), and then I went tango dancing on Wednesday at Norse Hall and said goodbye to all my dance friends.  I feel really loved, but it is hard to move away from a community of friends that I’m so close to!  I will miss all of you.

Also, I think the thing that made my night was, while dancing with Momo, I hear someone behind me say “f*cking wolves, Jenny.”
Neither Momo or I could stop laughing.
Exactly right.